Tesunho TH289 Basic Network Walkie Talkie Radio With GPS

£160.00+ VAT

£150.00 + VAT if five or more bought together

The revolutionary Tesunho mobile data network walkie-talkie radios allow long-distance, even nationwide, unlimited range walkie-talkie operation, anywhere that there is mobile phone network coverage.

Unlike normal walkie-talkies which transmit directly from one radio to another directly, giving a range of at best a couple of miles, these radios communicate by sending digitised voice data via the mobile phone data network.

Each Tesunho radio requires a SIM card like a mobile phone, with mobile data.

When buying these radios from us, we do not provide buyers with a SIM card. The buyer can choose a SIM card deal – there are lots of cheap deals available for all the UK mobile phone networks. There is also a £30 + VAT annual network access charge per radio.

The radios do not actually make mobile  calls when you use them.

Instead they communicate by sending mobile data. This allows near-instant "walkie-talkie style" usage over the UK mobile phone network.

Download specification sheet

Product specification

Size (body)110mm x 62mm x 42mm
Channels1 at a time (although radios can be "grouped" online for different roles)
Powern/a - uses power needed to use mobile phone network
Accessories availableMany earpiece/mics and headsets (they use popular "Kenwood" twin-jack accessory socket)

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