Hytera Digital Walkie-Talkie Radios

Hytera manufacture a wide range of high-quality digital walkie-talkie radios and accessories.

Their range of digital walkie-talkies offer the latest in digital radio communications technology, with improved speech and signal clarity.


Hytera PD705LT Digital Walkie Talkie Radio

The Hytera PD705LT is a solid, high-quality professional digital walkie-talkie radio, with a large capacity 2000mAh battery and a desk charger. It is IP67 rated so water and dust proof.

Hytera PD405 Analogue and Digital Walkie Talkie Radio

The Hytera PD405 is a compact, small and light dual-mode digital and analogue walkie-talkie radio.

Hytera PD4xx / PD7xx six-slot charger

The MCA08 six-slot Hytera walkie-talkie charger allows six Hytera PD7xx or PD4xx range walkie-talkies to be charged at once.

Hytera PD7xx Battery BL2008 (formerly BL2006)

2000mAh Lithium Ion battery for the Hytera PD705LT and also any other PD7xx series walkie-talkie radios.

The product code for this battery is now BL2008, but it used to be BL2006.

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