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PMR446 walkie talkie radios

Thinking about buying walkie-talkie radios, but you are not sure which would be the perfect model for you?

Shopping for the right model can be difficult.

We have grouped the walkie-talkies reviewed into a few categories, so that readers can focus on the type of walkie-talkie that they need, and then read detailed reports on the various models available.

Most "consumer" and small business walkie-talkie users will not want to be bothered with obtaining a radio licence from Ofcom.

So they will be looking at walkie-talkies that do not NEED a licence. Radios that they can just buy off the shelf and begin using with no worries.

There are numerous factors you need to consider for something as small as a walkie-talkie. There are several models available in the market and obviously you don’t want to waste money on a walkie-talkie radio that doesn’t fit your requirements.

And you also don’t want to buy an expensive walkie-talkie with features that you will never use.




For some walkie-talkie users, having to carry around a chunky "black box" "security guard" style radio is not what they want.

They want a small, light radio that can slip into a small pocket, or clip to a belt or other clothing and that is so light in weight that they hardly notice that they are carrying it.




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