Licence Free (PMR446) Walkie Talkie Radios

These walkie-talkies conform to the the UK and European standard for licence-free operation (called "PMR446"), which means that you can just buy them and begin using them with no need for any licence - for business or leisure purposes.

They are legal to use in the UK and any EU member country for any purpose.

They all have the same power output (500mW / ½ watt) and therefore very similar range. The maximum power of a licence-free radio is defined by law, so all the brands have the same power, and so very similar effective ranges.

All of these models of licence-free walkie-talkie radio are available from stock for quick delivery!

Lynx PT400

The Lynx PT400 is a professional-quality walkie-talkie - exactly the same strong alloy chassis, lithium-poly battery and "drop-in" charger as the licenced walkie-talkies- except with no need for a licence.

£99.00 + VAT

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CPS Telecom CP183 Tiny PMR446 Radio

The tiny yet full-featured CP183 walkie-talkie weighs only 65g and slips into any pocket.

It is a PMR446 "licence-free" radio, and it will communicate with any other make and model of PMR446 walkie-talkie.

£59.00 + VAT

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CPS Telecom CP228 Compact PMR446 Walkie-Talkie

The sleek and compact full-featured CP228 walkie-talkie weighs only 95g and slips into any pocket.

£69.00 + VAT

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CPS Telecom CP226 PMR446 Waterproof Walkie-Talkie

The CP226 walkie-talkie weighs only 75g and slips into any pocket, and is waterproof to IP67.

£69.00 + VAT

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