Entel HT649 Marine VHF GMDSS Emergency Walkie Talkie

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£379.00+ VAT

£369.00 + VAT if five or more bought together

The HT649 is a fully certified marine walkie-talkie for use in emergencies. It is IP68 rated and therefore submersible.

It meets MIL-STD 810C/D/E/F and providing commercial grade construction for tough, enduring performance. 

1-watt MED (Marine Equipment Directive) certified GMDSS radio

Comes with 1 x primary non-rechargeable battery and 1 x secondary rechargeable battery and charger

(the idea is that you use the standard rechargeable battery when using the radio for day-to-day use, and keep the special non-rechargeable battery for use in an emergency).

Complies with IMO regulations

IP68 - submersible to 5m for 1 hour

19 international simplex channels (INT/US/CAN)

Seven-button keypad and backlit LCD display

Frequency range: 156 - 163.275MHz

Download specification sheet

Product specification

Size (body)125mm x 62mm x 50mm
ChannelsAll marine VHF channels
Power1 watt
Battery2000mAh rechargeable and 3000mAh one-time emergency battery

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