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What is a Two-Way Radio?

A "two way" radio is simply a radio that can transmit and receive - like any walkie-talkie radio, CB, taxi radio, ham radio etc.

A "one way" radio is generally just a radio receiver, such as you use to listen to Radio Two, Capital, LBC or whatever.

The expression "two way" does not mean that only two radios of this type can talk to each other, it just refers to a radio transmitter and receiver (often called "transceiver" for short).

So, the use of the phrases "3 way radio" "4 way radio" etc, is based on a common misunderstanding of what the term means!

Three Way Walkie-Talkie Radio

Some people do not understand what the term "two way radio" actually means (see above), so they think that if they want 3 walkie-talkies that all work together, they need to search for a "three way radio". 

There is no such thing as an actual "three way radio". You can buy any number of walkie-talkies of the same type, or indeed of different types, and they can all talk together if set up to do so.

If you need 3 walkie-talkies, you can just buy 3 from any of our range of walkie-talkie radios.

Four Way Walkie-Talkie Radio

If you require a set of four walkie-talkies that will communicate with each other, you are not looking for a "four way radio", you are just looking for four x 2-way radios! 

We sell and hire many different walkie-talkies and you can use as many as you want talking together.

Five Way Walkie-Talkie Radio

You can have 5, 6, 7 or a dozen or more walkie-talkies all communicating on the same channel - you do not have to ask for or buy a special "5 way" radio system.

Six Way Walkie Talkie Radios

If you want six or more walkie-talkies that work together, just choose and order as many as you need. We sell both licenced and licence-free radios, and we can program six, ten, or as many as you need to communicate together in a group.

You do not need to specify a "6 way walkie-talkie" - all walkie talkies can work in groups of any number.



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