Hiring Walkie Talkies - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We have tried to answer some questions that we are often asked about hiring radios from us, our hire rates & charging structure etc.

Do The Hired Walkie Talkie Radios Come With Chargers?

Yes, our hire prices for walkie-talkies are fully inclusive of chargers for the radios.

We have single charger units and six-slot chargers available. We provide mostly six-slot chargers, with singles to make up the quantity needed in total.

We would normally give out enough chargers for their to be enough "slots" to charge all the radios hired at the same time.

If you would like fewer chargers, or if you want more single chargers instead of six-slot ones, then please let us know.

Why Is Your Minimum Hire Period One Week? Other companies offer daily rates.

Because in most cases, especially when radios are being sent out by courier or post, and then returned by the same method, the effective length of the hire ends up being almost a week, even if the event for which the hired radios are used is only one day long.

This is especially true for weekend events: we send the kit out on Wednesday to arrive on Thursday, so its in good time for the event. The radios are used on the weekend, and if sent back Monday, get back to our office on Tuesday. Which is almost a week!

Our "weekly" rate is cheaper than what some companies charge for a couple of days.

Also, charging for a minimum of a week means the hirer does not have to stress out about incurring extra costs if they are one day late.

Why Do Your Prices Become Cheaper When More Radios Are Hired?

It takes us a certain amount of staff time to receive, process, pack and then unpack each hire order.

Most of the tasks take about the same amount of time, whether the order is for 2 radios or 20 radios. So it is cheaper "per radio" to deal with bigger orders, which we reflect in our prices.

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