People To Avoid

General Warning to Others - Bad Debtors, Conmen, Thieves & Liars

Dishonourable and dodgy individuals and organisations - updated 10th January 2018

I am posting this web page as a general warning to others of people and organisations that we have dealt with who have behaved in a generally dishonourable and/or dishonest manner, in terms of non-payment of bills, bad debts, going back on their word, etc. All of the facts on here are true, and we have the documentation to back them up.


Hired radios from us. Equipment was frequently lost and late coming back. Eventually we would not deal with them anymore, because they owe us money for equipment lost and hires, which they will not pay for. Beware of dealing with this company!

Therapy Entertainment / Africa Unplugged

In August 2017, they hired some walkie-talkies from us, and then never returned them. We have dealt with the following people, all of whom blame each other and/or deny that the theft of our equipment is their responsibility: Toba Abiodun, Prisca Okoye, Kojo Karikari.

Bella Ubhi - Bohemian Dreams - Wedding ORGANISERS & PLANNERS

She hired a set of walkie-talkie radios from us in May 2016 for a wedding show. She claimed that she had sent them back to us, but the never arrived and she has refused to pay us for them. She is very evasive on the phone, the only way we could ever get her to talk to us was by using 141 or calling from a mobile number that she would not recognise.

Their web site looks very nice, but she has effectively cost us over £1000. 


12 Parneleys
Milton Keynes Village
MK10 9AW

Samantha Beverley - Moving Feast Catering

Hired some radios from us, but she did not ever bring them back. Do not trust her or her business. She stole from us.

Knightsbridge Security - Sunny Singh / SONNY singH

He hired radios from us, and just kept them. He now will not answer phone calls or respond to emails. The name of his company is classy, but he is not, he is a thief.

Terence McGirr (TST Security) Terry McGirr

He hired a set of walkie-talkie radios from us for a New Year's Eve event in 2013, and has neither ever returned them, nor paid us for them.

He claims that they were stolen from him, but can provide no proof that this "theft" ever took place.

TST Security
16 Barlow Road
West Hampstead

Not someone we would deal with again. He is a thief and a liar.

Adam Coker, Blackthaw Security

11 Sebastian Grove

On 10th January 2012 we sent out some of our hire radios for him to test out with a view ot hiring some kit from later in the year.

He has refused to return them, fobbing us off with excuse after excuse about where they are, claiming that he would send them, then that he had sent them (they never arrived), and now refuses to even take our calls or to respond to our emails or letters.

I would advise anyone to avoid doing business with Adam Coker or Blackthaw, he has proved to be untrustworthy in our first dealings with him.

Andrew Aarons (Trades as "Doggy Snack Shack" from 3 Lyndhurst Rise, Chigwell, Essex IG7 5BB)

This man hired some radios from us in March 2009 and then did not return them. He came up with a variety of excuses as to where our equipment had gone, and finally would not talk to us at all. We ended up going to the Small Claims Court over this. He did not even turn up. We won the judgment against him although he never paid us.

A quick Google around for the his name and that of his disgusting doggy snack shack business reveals many complaints about the dirty, mouldy and insect-ridden food he sells, and also several people complaining that he charges customer's credit cards twice (or more) and then is very difficult to get a refund from.


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