Walkie Talkie For Shopwatch / Pubwatch Schemes

Our SIM card mobile phone network walkie-talkies are ideal for use in "shopwatch", "pubwatch" and similar crime prevention schemes.

How Shopwatch / Townwatch / Pubwatch Schemes Work

A Shopwatch scheme is a partnership where retailers join together as an independent group to prevent theft and anti-social behaviour in shops. Pubwatch is similar, but aimed at preventing violence, underage drinking, anti-social behaviour in pubs, bars and nightclubs.

Schemes involve all scheme member premises having a "Shopwatch radio" to use to send and receive messages about potential thieves and troublemakers, their whereabouts, physical description and behaviour.

Shopwatch schemes usually involve the local police and town centre CCTV management operators.

Advantages of Network SIM Card Walkie-Talkies for Shopwatch Schemes

Our Tesunho SIM card walkie-talkies use the mobile phone data network to transmit messages.

So, provided there is any mobile phone signal, they will work over unlimited range. In town and city centres this is better than "conventional" walkie-talkies which only have a very limited range in amongst town-centre buildings.

With SIM card radios, even a whole city can be covered, with no need for expensive radio infrastructure such as repeaters to be installed. Also, the SIM radios do not need an Ofcom radio licence either.

Our SIM card radios have GPS tracking so the scheme controller can view the location of each SIM card radio on a Windows PC.

Our Tesunho TH388 radios have a display screen that can receive text messages from a PC in the scheme control centre. These messages could be used to give out descriptions of potential offenders etc.

SIM card radios are far more secure than conventional walkie-talkies. With conventional walkie-talkie transmissions, it is fairly easy for anybody with a radio scanner (widely available on Ebay etc) to listen in.

If a SIM card radio in a Shopwatch scheme was to be lost or stolen, it can be easily "disconnected" from the network via the internet so it cannot be used by unauthorised people. This is often not possible with conventional walkie-talkies.



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