Entel HT644 Marine VHF Walkie Talkie

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£159.00+ VAT

£149.00 + VAT if five or more bought together

The Entel HT644 is a high-quality, reliable marine-band walkie-talkie.

The HT644 is IP68 rated and therefore submersible.

It provides all "marine band" channels in general use worldwide in the range 156 - 163.275 MHz

It comes with a 2000mAh Lithium-Ion battery that gives approx 12.5 hours life (5/5/90).

Sold with a "drop-in" desk charger and mains power supply.

Has switchable power output of 5 watts full power and 1 watt low power, using low power will give longer battery life.

View or download the ENTEL HT644 USER MANUAL HERE.

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Download specification sheet

Product specification

Size (body)125mm x 62mm x 50mm
ChannelsAll marine-band channels
Power5 watts / 1 watt switchable
Accessories availableVarous earpiece/microphones and headsets

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