Choosing Walkie Talkies - Try before you buy offer

We understand that for many businesses, schools and other organisations, a decision to buy a set of walkie-talkie radios is both a major investment of money, and also something of a "leap into the unknown". It is difficult to know whether one type of walkie-talkie will work well within a particular building, or if it will have the range and power to cover a whole site.

We can offer to lend a couple of most of the walkie-talkies that we sell to prospective purchases so that they can physically test them out around their premises for a week or so, and then make an informed decision as to whether to buy some. To request a trial please call us or email us, or fill in the form below.

There is no obligation to buy anything, you only HAVE TO agree to look after our "demo" walkie-talkies and to return them to us AT YOUR COST after the trial period, if you do not want to buy them.

Try before you buy request form

Please complete the enquiry form below to request our walkie-talkie "try before you buy" offer.

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