High-quality full-powered professional walkie-talkies

We supply a wide range of high-quality professional full-power walkie-talkie radios. These radios generally have a power output of 3,4 or 5 watts, considerably more than the "licence-free" radios, which are legally restricted to ½ watt, which in practice means that these radios will have a longer range, and better signal penetration within buildings.

The use of these radios will require some type of licence from Ofcom. The simplest radio licence costs only £75 (one licence needed per company or organisation, not per radio) and it lasts for 5 years.

All of these models of walkie-talkie radio are available from stock for quick delivery!

If you have a licence already, just email or fax it to us, and we will program the radios to suit your licensed channels. You can also download and print off the Ofcom licence application form from our web site, and apply for your own licence.

Find out more about UK radio licencing by clicking here

Kirisun PT568

The Kirisun PT568 is a professional-quality walkie-talkie very suited to use in a harsh, demanding environment, with many advanced features as well as being very compact and light.

£159.00 + VAT

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Amherst A66

The new A66 is a lightweight, very low-cost 3 watt UHF walkie-talkie radio that offers good performance and solid build quality at a very low price.

We offer big discounts on these walkie-talkies for multiple purchases.

£39.00 + VAT

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Quansheng TG330

The Quansheng TG-330 walkie-talkie offers full-power performance at a very keen price.

This is one of our most popular walkie talkie radios, and is now in stock for quick delivery.

£79.00 + VAT

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Kirisun DP405 Digital / Analog

The Kirisun DP405 offers the benefits of digital transmission with flexibility (it can be programmed to use analog channels as well) and a keen price.

£169.00 + VAT

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Hytera PD405 Digital / Analogue

The Hytera PD405 is a compact, small and light dual-mode digital and analogue walkie-talkie radio.

£169.00 + VAT

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Entel DX482 Digital / Analogue

The Entel DX482 is an advanced digital walkie-talkie radio. It offers very clear sound quality, and is IP68 rated and therefore submersible.

£189.00 + VAT

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Entel DX485 Digital / Analogue

The Entel DX485 is an advanced digital walkie-talkie radio with selective calling features. It offers very clear sound quality, and is IP68 rated and therefore submersible.

£239.00 + VAT

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