Tesunho TH388 Display GPS Network Walkie Talkie Radio

£230.00+ VAT

£220.00 + VAT if five or more bought together

The revolutionary Tesunho mobile data network walkie-talkie radios allow long-distance, even nationwide, unlimited range walkie-talkie operation, anywhere that there is mobile phone network coverage.

Unlike normal walkie-talkies which transmit directly from one radio to another directly, giving a range of at best a couple of miles, these radios communicate by sending digitised voice data via the mobile phone data network.

And the TH388 has a display screen for receiving text messages sent by the group dispatcher using free PC software.

It also has GPS functionality so that the controller knows where each TH388 radio user is located.

Each Tesunho radio requires a SIM card like a mobile phone, with mobile data.

When buying these radios from us, we do not provide this SIM card. It makes more sense for the radio’s user to set up a suitable mobile data SIM-only deal – there are many available for all the UK mobile phone networks. There is also a £30 + VAT annual network access charge per radio.

The radios do not actually make mobile phone calls when you use them - they send your voice as mobile data.

Download specification sheet

Product specification

Size (body)110mm x 60mm x 40mm
Channels16 (on these radios, "channels" are better described as user groups)
Powern/a - uses power needed to use mobile phone network
Accessories availableLots of styles of earpiece/microphone and headset (the TH388 uses the popular "Kenwood" twin-jack accessory socket)

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