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Whilst our office may not be open 24/7, our online walkie-talkie hire quote form never sleeps!

Simply scroll down this web page, and fill in your personal and business details, and then the number of walkie-talkies and accessories that you want to hire, the hire start date, duration and delivery / collection options.

Tick the "charity" or "student" tick-boxes if these apply to you to apply our 25% charity organisations or students' discount.

To work out how much it will all cost, click the orange CALCULATE HIRE COST button at the bottom of the form, and the total cost will be displayed.

You can also get an email of your walkie-talkie hire quotation emailed to you by pressing the EMAIL ME THE QUOTE button.

If you want to go ahead and book in the hire of some radios, this is what to do next:

Please click on the SEND A BOOKING REQUEST button to send us an email telling us you want to book a hire

Or call us on 020 7328 9792 and tell us what what radios you need. You can also reply to any quote emails that we send you, and just tell us you want to proceed with booking in your hire. We will email you an invoice, which you then need to pay, by debit or credit card, BACS, cheque or Paypal.

Please note that walkie-talkie chargers are automatically included in the hire price of our radios -  
you don't need to specify that you want them, they are part of the package at no extra cost.

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Select equipment to hire

Equipment Qty Cost (£)
Standard UHF walkie-talkie Standard UHF walkie-talkie 0.00
Radio chargers (included in radio hire price) Radio chargers (included in radio hire price) 0.00
Vehicle or base station radio Vehicle or base station radio 0.00
Standard D-type earpiece/mic Standard D-type earpiece/mic 0.00
Semi-covert (curly tube) in-ear earpiece/mic Semi-covert (curly tube) in-ear earpiece/mic 0.00
Lapel speaker / microphone Lapel speaker / microphone 0.00
Headset with boom microphone Headset with boom microphone 0.00
Big headset (noise cancelling) Big headset (noise cancelling) 0.00
Spare battery Spare battery 0.00
Leather case with neck strap Leather case with neck strap 0.00
25 watt megaphone 25 watt megaphone 0.00
SIM Card Network Walkie-Talkie SIM Card Network Walkie-Talkie 0.00
Hytera Digital UHF Walkie Talkie Hytera Digital UHF Walkie Talkie 0.00
Standard VHF walkie-talkie Standard VHF walkie-talkie 0.00
Equipment Total 0.00

Other information

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