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It could be a village fete, car boot sale, sports tournament, a fair, a march or demonstration, conference, festival, concert, filming, event stewarding, you name it.

  • We rent out professional licenced Hytera, Kirisun and Tesunho longer-range walkie-talkie radios from £7 per week or part-week (£7 price based on hire quantity greater than 30, standard price is £12 per radio)
  • We rent earpiece / microphones for any of our walkie-talkies for £1 + VAT per week
  • We can provide headsets, speaker/microphones and leather cases with straps for our rental walkie-talkie radios

  • Each walkie-talkie radio that you rent comes complete with rechargeable battery and "drop-in" mains charger unit

  • Our two-way radios have a range of 1 - 3 miles in open country, less amongst buildings, certainly enough for a park, sports stadium, conference centre, etc etc

  • You don't need to worry about licencing issues when you rent walkie-talkie radios - we take care of all of that for you

  • If you are in London, you can pick up the walkie-talkie radios from our office at 70 Kingsgate Road, London NW6 4TE if you want to save on delivery charges

  • Or, we can deliver them to you: we can send them to you on a guaranteed next day service for £12+ VAT, to most UK destinations (may cost more for 20+ radios)

  • We can often do SAME DAY delivery of rented walkie-talkies in the London area - price depends on quantity and exact location - we can usually do this subject to availability

  • We normally want payment via credit/debit card before rental walkie-talkies are sent out

  • We take Visa, Mastercard and American Express

  • Call 020 7328 9792 now to discuss your walkie-talkie rental requirements



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