Amherst A66 Compact Walkie-Talkie

£39.00+ VAT

£29 + VAT each if 6 or more bought together, or £25 + VAT each if 12 or more bought together

The A66 walkie-talkies offers 3 watts of power (compared to ½ watt in all brands of PMR446 radios) at a price point lower than any higher-powered radio that we have sold previously. 

It has 16 channels, programmable in the UHF band (400-470MHz), a detachable rechargeable Li-ion 1000mAh battery pack, and an industry-standard "Kenwood" twin-jack earpiece/microphone socket.

It can also be set to do voice-activated transmit (VOX).

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Product specification

Size (body)115mm x 60mm x 36mm
Power3 watts UHF
Battery1000mAh Li-Poly battery pack
OtherIntegral belt clip, screw-on
Accessories availableVarious earpiece/mics, headsets etc, uses popular standard "Kenwood" style twin-jack socket

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