Useful Information About Walkie-Talkie Radios

We have gathered together a lot of useful information on walkie-talkies and other radios, for the benefit of our customers and for radio users in general.

Using Two-Way Radios in the United Kingdom - Legal / Licensing Issues

This page explains all that you need to know about what kind of licence you may need to use most professional radio equipment in the UK.


Walkie-talkies and signal range

A brief explanation of how far radio signals will travel in different locations and types of terrain.


Radio Frequency Information

A summary of the different frequency bands used for radio communication, also includes details of frequencies used for specific purposes.


Walkie Talkies In different countries

An explanation of the rules affecting the use of radio equilment in different parts of the world.


Walkie Talkie Radios - Plugs & Sockets

Different makes and models of radio use many different sizes and shapes of sockets for connecting to earpieces and headsets. This handy guide with clear photos helps you make sure that you order the right accessories for your walkie-talkies.


Walkie Talkie Radio Glossary

We have compiled a handy glossary to act as a "jargon-buster" and explain what various technical terms used about radios actually mean in "Plain English".


Walkie Talkie Downloads

Here you will find specification sheets and manuals for various radios that we sell or have previously sold, together with useful "how to" guides etc.


Making New Rechargeable Batteries Work in Cobra Walkie-Talkies

There is a "trick" to making generic replacement AAA batteries work with the Cobra walkie-talkie radios that we sell - we explain it all here.


Hiring versus Buying Radios - Which Is Best Value?

We have summarised the pros and cons of buying radios outright v. hiring them here.

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