Hiring Walkie Talkie Radios

Organising an event of any sort and need to hire out walkie-talkie radios?  

Hytera digital radios for hireIt could be a music festival, a village fete, a car-boot sale, a sports tournament, a fair, a march or a demonstration, a conference or trade show, concert, film or TV shoot, wedding, event stewarding, religious gathering, school trip or event, ski trip, you name it - we have walkie-talkie radios to suit your needs for short and long-term hire.

Walkie Talkie Hire Anywhere in the UK from £10 per week per radio

  • The hire price per radio comes down as the number of radios hired increases.
  • We have price breaks for hiring 10, 20, 30 or more walkie-talkies.
  • Radio chargers are always included in our basic walkie-talkie radio hire price.
  • We offer  a 25% discount for UK-registered charities and for students.
  • We can also hire out earpiece/mics, headsets, spare batteries, leather cases and other accessories to go with the walkie-talkies.
  • As well as walkie-talkies we also hire more powerful vehicle-mounted and "base station" two-way radios, and repeaters to boost the area covered.
  • We now have DIGITAL WALKIE TALKIES FOR HIRE and we also have super long-range NETWORK WALKIE-TALKIES FOR HIRE.

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