Waterproof Walkie-Talkie Radios

If you need to use radios in wet conditions, you will want to choose a walkie-talkie that will not be damaged by liquid penetration.

Different Levels of Water Resistance

There are several different levels of water-resistance / water-proofing, defined by the industry standard "ingress protection" (or IP) ratings.

Most walkie-talkies can be divided into four types of "water proof", although in practice all walkie-talkies, being designed as portable, outdoor-use devices can be used in heavy rain without problems.

IP67 - immersible up to 1m for up to 30 minutes

These radios should survive being dropped into water and fished out again, provided it is not too deep (up to 1 metre).

CPS CP226 waterproof walkie talkie radioOur compact little CPS CP226 is IP67 rated.



Also, the digital Hytera PD705 that we hire out is IP67 rated.

IP68  - totally immersible

Our Entel DX482 and Entel DX485 radios have this completely waterproof rating, making them ideal for situations where the radio could end up getting dropped into deep water.

We have supplied them to several swimming pool and leisure centres, where they are used by staff around the pool.

They are ideal for use by swimming pool or beach lifeguards, who may have to jump into the water to rescue someone, whilst their radio is still attached to their belt.

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