Lynx PT600 "Lone Worker Protection" Walkie Talkie

£179.00+ VAT

£169.00 + VAT each if five or more bought together

The Lynx PT600 is a professional-quality walkie-talkie with many advanced features including "lone worker" and "man-down" protection very suited to use in a harsh, demanding environment, with many advanced features as well as being very compact and light. It meets very high water and dust ingress protection standard (IP65) and the speaker is very loud and clear making it a good choice in noisy, dirty or wet environments. It has (optional) features to protect people working alone by requiring them to periodically press a button to acknowledge that they are OK, and also a "man down" feature designed to alert co-workers if the radio user was to suffer a fall or health emergency.

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Product specification

Size (body)115mm x 50mm x 45mm
Antenna160mm UHF
Power4 watts UHF / 5 watts VHF
Battery1700mAh Li-Poly battery pack
OtherDustproof & waterproof to IP65 , lone worker, man-down features, integral belt clip
Accessories availablevarious earpiece/mics, headsets etc, uses "Motorola" twin-jack socket

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