Entel HX483 Walkie-Talkie Discontinued

The Entel HX483 walkie-talkie has been discontinued as of early 2020.

Customers who have a "fleet" of Entel HX483 walkie-talkies (or other HX models like the HX482), and who need more, and/or need replacements should consider the new Entel DX485 digital & analogue walkie-talkie instead.

The Entel DX485 is exactly the same physical size, and uses the same battery and charger as the HX483, and HX482 etc.

The DX485 can be programmed to work with your existing Entel HX483 radios, and its size, shape etc will be familiar to the radio users.

However, the DX485 offers clearer audio quality, and is also digital, which means clearer quality still when used in digital mode with other digital radios.

We still sell the battery for Entel HX483, and also six slot chargers for the HX483.

Analogue-to-Digital Radio Upgrade Path

It will soon be possible for users to upgrade from the Entel HX483 to Entel's digital DX485 or DX482 by choosing a "new radio body only" purchase.

This means that you would just buy DX485 digital walkie-talkie "bodies". You can keep and continue to use everything else - the batteries, single or six-slot chargers and even aerials.

Please note that you cannot use any existing Entel HX earpiece/microphones and headsets, because the Entel DX radios use a different audio accessory connector to the Entel HX radios.

Please call us on 020 7328 9792 to discuss this upgrade path and get specific costs for your site.


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