Kirisun PT4200 Walkie Talkie Discontinued

Kirisun PT4200 walkie talkieThe Kirisun PT4200 walkie-talkie has been discontinued as of early 2020.

Customers who have a "fleet" of Kirisun PT4200 walkie-talkies, and who need more, and/or need replacements will have to look at alternative walkie-talkies.

The Kirisun PT4200 was for years one of our most popular general-purpose walkie-talkies, but now it has ceased production.


Some Ex-Hire Kirisun PT4200 Radios Available Second-Hand From Amherst

We still have hundreds of Kirisun PT4200 walkies in our "hire fleet".

We are considering selling some of them off soon, secondhand. Please contact us if you are interested in buying some ex-hire PT4200 radios. Prices would typically be around £89 + VAT per radio, including a single charger. This compares to the last "new price" of £139 + VAT.

Suggested Replacement Walkie Talkies For Kirisun PT4200

Kirisun PT568 Walkie Talkie

Nearest Equivalent to THE Kirisun PT4200

The "nearest equivalent" walkie-talkie in our product range would be the Kirisun PT568.

The PT568 is very similar, but has several advantages over the older PT4200.

It is a more modern design, has a louder speaker making it easdier to understand radio messages in noisy environments, and is IP65-rated and so water resistant.



If you want to save money, we now offer similar radios to the PT4200 for a much lower price.

TG330 Walkie Talkie RadiosOur TG330 walkie-talkie radio is functionally equivalent to the Kirisun PT4200 but is around half the price.

We have a full range of accessories for the Quansheng TG330, including spare batteries, earpiece/mics and multi-chargers.


We can program any of these radios to work with your existing "fleet" of Kirisun PT4200 radios.

If you have previously purchased PT4200 walkie-talkie radios from Amherst, we will have your frequency settings already.

If not, you may need to loan us one of your PT4200 radios, so that we can read the frequency information from it.

All Kirisun PT4200 Walkie-Talkie Accessories Are Still Available

We can still supply accessories and parts for the Kirisun PT4200 walkie talkie.

We have the Kirisun PT4200 battery (KB42A) in stock.

We also have six-slot chargers and all earpiece/microphones available for the Kirisun PT4200.

If you bought PT4200 radios from us, we can still have chargeable repair work done, if you send your faulty radios back to us (please ask us first).

Please call us on 020 7328 9792 to discuss your needs.


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