Lynx PT600 "Lone Worker" Walkie Talkie Discontinued

The Lynx PT600 walkie-talkie has been discontinued as of late 2022.

Lynx PT600 walkie talkie lone workerSadly, the Lynx PT600 walkie talkie radio, with it's lone worker and "man down" features is no longer made, and we cannot supply any more of them.


If you bought PT600 radios from us, we can still have chargeable repair work done, if you send your faulty radios back to us (please ask us first).

We also still supply earpiece/microphones for the Lynx PT600.

Please call us on 020 7328 9792 or email us at "" to discuss your needs.



Suggested Replacement Walkie Talkies For Lynx PT600 - the digital Entel DX485 Walkie Talkie

The "nearest equivalent" walkie-talkie in our product range in terms of a radio that offers the "lone worker protection" and "man down" features to alert a person's colleague if they have a problem, is the Entel DX485.

The Entel DX485 is a digital walkie talkie, and has a screen display which can display the user name or "radio number" of any radio in a workgroup that is sending out a "lone worker" or "man down" alert message.

The Entel DX485 can also make individual and user-group calls.

The DX485 comes with the "emergency button" and "lone worker" timed check-in as standard. The "man down" feature is an optional extra.


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