What Are the UK Simple Licence Radio Frequencies?

The "UK Simple" Ofcom licence is the simplest and easiest legal licence to obtain in order to legally use walkie-talkies other than the low-powered "PMR446" radios in the United Kingdom.

This licence costs £75 and is valid for five years. 

List Of UK Simple Radio Frequencies

VHF Low Band

In practice, the VHF low band is rarely used for walkie-talkies.

77.6875 MHz

86.3375 MHz

86.3500 MHz

86.3625 MHz

86.3750 MHz

VHF Mid / High Band

Walkie-talkies used mainly for outdoor / open country work use these VHF frequencies.

164.0500 MHz

164.0625 MHz

169.0875 MHz

169.3125 MHz

173.0500 MHz

173.0625 MHz

173.0875 MHz

UHF Band

Most commercial, general purpose walkie-talkies use the UHF band, because it gives good "all round" performance.

449.3125 MHz

449.4000 MHz

449.4750 MHz

458.7875 MHz

458.8000 MHz

458.8125 MHz

458.8250 MHz



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