Tritan Connect Walkie-Talkie Radio

£79.00+ VAT

£69.00 + VAT if 5 or more are bought together

The Tritan Connect is a professional-quality general-purpose licenced walkie-talkie, as well as being very compact and light.

It is very simple to use - just an on/off/volume control and a rotary channel selector.

These radios are sold singly with a rechargeable battery pack and a drop-in desk charger.

Download specification sheet

Product specification

Size (body)115mm x 60mm x 35mm
Power5 watt UHF (5 watt VHF model is also available to order)
Battery1300mAh Li-Poly battery pack
OtherIntegral metal belt clip
Accessories availableVarious earpiece/mics, headsets etc, uses "Kenwood" style twin-jack socket, also 4-slot multi-charger unit

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