Walkie Talkies As Long Range Baby Listener

Our Cobra MT975 walkie-talkie radios have a special "baby listener" mode. This means that you can use a pair of our radios in place of a "regular" baby monitor system.

Except that our walkie-talkie radios work far better than most actual "baby monitor" systems. Most baby monitors have a very limited range - they are fine when you are within a house and only need to receive the signal from upstairs to downstairs. You can use the walkie-talkies as a long-distance baby listener!

Our walkie-talkie radios have greater transmission power and so have a longer range. This makes our baby monitor solution using Cobra walkie-talkies better value.


You can use our walkie talkies as a baby listener even when you are at your neighbours for dinner! With 3 or 4 walkie-talkies you could even listen in to two or more children in different rooms at the same time.

Cobra MT975 with baby-listener featureAnd as an added bonus, unlike a specially-made baby monitor which only has one purpose, of course you can use your walkie-talkies for other things as well. 

Long Range Baby Monitor on Holiday

When you go on holiday with your baby or young child, you often want to be able to visit the hotel restaurant after the kids are in bed, but still have the piece of mind that comes with knowing that you will hear them if they awake or cry.

With our walkie-talkie radios in "baby monitor" mode, you can leave one radio in your hotel room, or holiday apartment, while you go and enjoy an evening meal or drink several floors away, and you will still be able to hear if your children need your attention.

Our radios have enough range to work through several hotel floors, and beyond.

The walkie-talkies' baby listening feature does not transmit continuously like an actual baby monitor, instead it is triggered by sound above a certain adjustable level - so when the child starts to cry, the radio transmits the sound to the receiving radio.

Do You Want To Buy Baby Monitor Radios Online Now?

These cost only £59.00 + VAT & carriage for a pack of two with rechargeable batteries and a "drop-in" twin desk charger.

We normally have these in stock and can post them out to you in a couple of days. If you must have them by a specific date due to holidays etc, PLEASE LET US KNOW!

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