Motorola GP344 UHF Walkie Talkies for Hire

These small yet powerful Motorola walkie-talkies provide efficient radio communications for a variety of hire uses. Using the UHF band, they have good signal penetration within buildings, making them a good choice for events in bars, clubs and live music venues, conferences and trade shows, use in hotels, etc.

The well-known Motorola "GP" walkie-talkie series of models, including the GP320, GP340, GP344 and GP360 are always a popular choice for radio hirers.

Motorola GP344 hire walkie-talkie radio

The Motorola GP344 walkie-talkie has 4 watts transmission power - giving the best range available in a UHF walkie-talkie radio, and 16 channels.

It has enough power and range for most events - for a sports stadium, conference centre, and outdoor events, and for use around large office buildings, shopping centres or leisure facilities.

UHF walkie-talkies have the best signal penetration inside buildings.

It is totally simple to use - just a rotary on/off/volume control and rotary channel selector.Motorola GP344 walkie-talkie for rental

It has 16 channels, and each channel has a CTCSS code preset to screen out interference from other radio users nearby.

The radio weighs only 258g, and measures  100mm x 60mm x 37mm (body) with a thin flexible rubber antenna measuring 170mm.

It has a long-life 1900mAh Lithium-Poly rechargeable battery pack. Spare battery packs can be hired if requested.

There is a socket to attach earpiece/mics which are also available to hire.

The socket is the Motorola multi-pin type.

We have now almost completely "retired" our "hire fleet" of these older Motorola walkies. 

Please consider the superior HYTERA PD705 DIGITAL WALKIE-TALKIE INSTEAD.

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